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About Jiurui

Based in Qingdao, Shandong Jiurui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. is the Leading Agricultural Industrialization Enterprise in China.Planting-breeding-consumer, Jiurui Group strives to build the whole industry chain from farmland to table, green and pollution-free food ecosystem.Now we have 2 R & D centers for biotechnology and animal and plant nutrition research, 2 bio-fertilizer factories, 1 green planting base, 1 husbandry equipment base, 6 functional feed raw material manufacturers, 18 feedmill plants, 7 breeding companies, 4 trading companies.We own 72 technical R &D patents, 1 national high-technology enterprise. Jiurui is the drafting unit of national feed additive industrial standard. The turnover in 2019 is nearly RMB10 billion.

What do we do? Profession and Focus

Doing well for the animal, doing well for the human, doing well for the nature

R & D Center、Mingte Biotech、Mr. Pig Service Platform、Farming Equipment、Sow and piglet health solution integration、Subhealthy solutions for pregnant sows、Multi-vitamins premix、High laying poultry、Food and water separately feeding for beef、Lactation Booster Blend、About Science & Innovation


Products & Solutions

Jiurui is a leading professional and reliable manufacturer and trader in China, with the rich experience in producing feed and feed additives at very good price.

Organic trace elements

Multi-vitamin premix

Fermented soybean meal

Farming equipment

Feed additives

Our footprint

Jiurui Group establishes the global, modern, informatization and sustainable development agricultural platform cooperated with Bunge Limited.


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